We offer Addiction Treatment Services – "the journey to a healthy lifestyle"

At ZMG Clinics, we know drug dependence is a major public health concern. Opioid dependence is a chronic relapsing medical condition that can require long-term treatment and patient support. Through the closely monitored care and skilled resources given by our highly trained providers, we can help ease the journey to the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

Suboxone is the first narcotic drug available under the Drug Abuse Treatment Act (DATA) of 2000 for the treatment of opiate dependence that can be prescribed by a physician through addiction services. Hopefully, this advance in therapeutics will provide more patients the opportunity to access treatment. Suboxone (buprenorphine with naloxone) is currently available for the maintenance treatment of opioid addiction.

Dr. Zipperer has seen firsthand the devastating effects of opiate addiction. His primary goal is the development of a comprehensive Addiction Services program for the treatment of opioid addiction throughout Alaska that will enable all who suffer to have a chance at a new life. These are our neighbors, friends and family and we insist on treating them with the utmost respect and compassion.

For a thorough evaluation and help using our addiction services please contact us as soon as possible. Treatment is often limited by available space; please call to schedule an appointment today. 844-833-7222 or 907-770-2606

Note: We have consolidated our locations to better serve our patients, our main location is now in Fairbanks.


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