A message from Dr. John D Zipperer Jr.

Thank you for your interest in ZMG Clinics.

Every patient has an important story to tell — if only given the chance. At ZMG Clinics, we’ve repeatedly seen how the key to the best course of interventional pain and dependency management can be found in a patient’s personal story. Tell us your story, your history, your experiences. Your story probably will be similar to those of others, but exactly like no one else’s. Similarly, pain treatments and prescriptions that work for others may not work for you, that’s why we’ll take an open-minded, individualized approach and prescribe a custom-designed remedial program.

The reason we’ve been able to help so many patients who previously couldn’t find relief is that chronic pain treatment is our primary purpose. We’ve developed a disciplined method of observation, testing and treatment. We are problem solvers, and chronic pain is our most important problem.

So let's get you back to work. Get back to play. Come back to the life you can have without pain. We caution you that success will not happen overnight, so you will have to be as dedicated to your pain remediation program as we will be. But the next month or two will pass by whether you’re under our treatment or not, whether you’re getting better or not. So a month or two from now, where do you want to be? In pain, or back to life?

The very first step in making your comeback is to make an appointment. Please call me – today!    907.770.2606

Note: We have consolidated our locations to better serve our patients, our main location is now in Fairbanks.


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