The ZMG Mission

Our mission is to give hope and relief to those with chronic pain and to provide recovery solutions and a sense of dignity to those with pain-related drug dependencies. We are often the last resort for those who have searched in vain for viable, lasting pain or addiction remediation, and we want to change their lives by making their last resort their best hope.

We hate pain

We believe that living with pain isn’t living, it’s torment. That’s why we specialize in pain remediation; that’s why we’ve successfully provided relief for many pain sufferers just like you. You’ve done your job, now help us do ours by meeting with us for a consultation.

You work hard

You put your shoulder to the wheel every day. Your work effort is as worthy as that of any athlete on any field, court, track or rink of any stadium. You also like to play hard, and we know your pain stands in the way of your just reward for all your hard work.

We can help

We’re here to help bring you back the life you once loved. We’ll study your issues, your concerns and your medical history. We’ll tell you straight up whether we think we can help you move forward in eliminating, reducing or blocking your pain. Just call.

What We Do.

Note: We have consolidated our locations to better serve our patients, our main location is now in Fairbanks.


  • 751 Old Richardson Hwy
    Suite 200, Fairbanks, AK 99701
    Office: 907-770-2606
    Fax: 907-290-2522
    Mon-Fri: 9:00 am-5:00 pm